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Creative Requirements for Partnership Ads - Instagram Stories
Creative Requirements for Partnership Ads - Instagram Stories

Using the paid partnership tag allows the brand you collaborate with to boost your Instagram Story through partnership ads .

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Step 1 - Create your post and select Partnership Ads

Step 2 - Make sure to check the “Add paid partnership label” checkbox

Step 3 - Once checked, you will be able to select “Add brand partners”

Step 4 - Search for the brand partner handle (Instagram page name) - previously approved partners will already show on this screen.

Step 5 - Select the checkbox for “Allow brand partner to boost”


  • Don’t use link stickers or any additional captions that tag the brand. The paid partnership tag is all that is required

  • Please ensure to leave the bottom 20% (340 pixels) of your assets free from text, logos, and other key creative elements to avoid being covered up by the CTA link overlay sticker

  • Stories or reels that use interactive polls/questions cannot be amplified, so these should be avoided.

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