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Why connect your social channels to The Cirqle platform?
Why connect your social channels to The Cirqle platform?
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We're a Meta Badged partner and have secure integrations will all major social media platforms to ensure safety and security of your social channels and your personal information. That's why we have 500,000+ verified creators on our platform who take part in 100s of brand collaborations each month.

We love to ask you to connect your social channel so that we can verify your social channels for the collaborations with brands. Only after the verification is done, and you've completed the campaign application, brands can start collaborating with you.

Below is an overview of what we can and cannot access when you connect your social channels -

What we CAN access

What we CANNOT access

✅ Follower count

❌ Read or modify your login/password details

✅ Engagement count

❌ Post, like, comment or share anything on your channel

✅ Basic demographic data of your followers

❌ Read, reply to or delete your private messages

✅ Basic performance data of your posts

❌ Access/edit any personal information on your account.

For more information, check our Privacy Policy.

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