When the content is ready for review, please go to the Administration tab from the left menu > Task Approval > Pending Review.

You can filter the content by creator or content type to get a clearer view.

Click on the task to see the content that has been submitted. If there are subtasks, they will be listed here. You can view the content requirements in the description of the task and/or each subtask. You can approve or reject the content based on any changes it requires. We recommend you leave feedback in the comments before rejecting the content to track your communication.

You will see the task status changed when creators submit their revisions. We recommend you check your latest feedback before reviewing the new content to ensure the creator modifies their content accordingly.

If there are changes you wish to make to their caption, you can action this on the creator's behalf. Remember to click 'Change Creator's Submission' to save your changes. The creator will see the changes you made on their end.

Once you are happy with the content and it is ready to be approved, click 'Accept Changes'. The creator will receive the notification, and you can now start to arrange your posting schedule.

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