Follow the steps below to set up your ads:

1. Authenticate your Instagram account
In order to boost your content on your behalf, Cirqle needs you to authorize your Instagram account. Remember to turn on the access of all permissions so that we can run ads through your account.

2. Choose your creatives
Refresh the content once you are done with the authentication. Now you can select the post you want to boost or click it again to deselect it. When you finish the selection, click on the black button 'Boost Selected Post' to set up the details.

Note that each image would become an ad. You will not create a carousel ad by selecting multiple images. You can click 'View Your Ad" to see the creative for each ad.

3. Set demographics, campaign duration, and daily ad spend
You can select who you want to reach with your content by changing the gender, age, and location, then enter how long you wish you run your camping and how much you'd like to spend on your ads each day.

The minimum duration and daily spend is 5 days with 20 USD per day because the campaign is run through AI, which requires the least possible learning phase to find the best audience to display your content.

4. Add payment and launch your ads
You will be asked to enter your card details after you proceed to payment, and your card info will be remembered once you add it. Quickly check your payment details, pay, and launch your ads!

As Facebook will take time to review your ads, it may take a few minutes for your campaign to be successfully launched. You can check the campaign status on the right top corner. Once your ads are running, you will see the data appears as you earn followers from your ads. You can also see the status of your boosted content appears in green.

Have more questions? Please chat with us via the orange bubble in the bottom right corner!

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