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Connect your Instagram account to The Cirqle
Connect your Instagram account to The Cirqle
Written by Omar Khan
Updated over a week ago

Follow the steps below to connect your Instagram Account to The Cirqle. If you'd prefer, you can also skip directly to a 45 second video showing the entire Instagram account connection process.

If you have any trouble connecting your Instagram account to The Cirqle, please check our Instagram Connection Troubleshooting guide.

Login to your Cirqle Dashboard

Start by logging into your Cirqle Dashboard and going to Settings > Social Accounts and clicking the Connect Instagram button.

Don't have a Cirqle account? Please sign up for one here. During the account creation process you will be prompted to connect your Instagram account, and you can follow the instructions below.

Login to Facebook

You will now be prompted to log in to Facebook β€” or if you are already logged in β€” you will be asked to verify that you want to continue.

Select the Instagram account you want to connect

You will now need to select the Instagram account that you would like to connect. Please note that only Instagram Business accounts can be connected to The Cirqle.

Select the Facebook page you want to connect

Now you must select the Facebook Page that you want to connect to The Cirqle. Please note that this should be the same Facebook Page that you have connected to your Instagram account. You must also have Admin permissions for this Facebook Page.

Confirm the permissions & connect

Finally, you must confirm all of the permissions. It is important that you leave all leave all of the Permissions set to "YES". If you turn off any of these permissions we will not be able to connect your account, and you will need to start over.

You will not be redirected back to your Cirqle Dashboard. If your Instagram account was successfully connected you will see your Instagram username in the Instagram box, alongside a "Disconnect" button.

If you don't see a disconnect button, then an error occurred during the connection process and you must start over. Please follow the instructions in our Instagram Connection Troubleshooting guide to debug any issues which might be preventing you from connecting your account.

Instagram Account Connection demo

Below is a 45 second video showing the entire Instagram Account connection process.

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