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Do I need to register to apply for campaigns?
Do I need to register to apply for campaigns?
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To apply and be considered for campaigns, we do require creators to be signed up as contracting, content approval, payments, and more are handled through the platform.

When signing up, you’d need to complete some basic profile information and connect your social channels. This allows us to create a data backed profile for you which brands use to decide if an influencer is the right fit for their campaign.

As a Meta Badged partner, your safety and the security of your social channels are paramount to us. At the heart of our platform lies a commitment to trust, transparency, and stringent data protection measures. Our integrations with Meta and TikTok are robust and secure, ensuring that your personal information and social media presence are shielded from any potential threats. ​ 

We understand the importance of your digital identity. However, to harness the full potential of the Cirqle and explore collaboration opportunities with leading brands, connecting your social channels is essential. Not only does this step enable us to verify your channels, but it also ensures a seamless and efficient integration of partnership ads.

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